Grandchildren sleeping over? – inflatable ready beds may be what you need

If you want to have your grandchildren come and stay with you, but are short of beds one practical solution is to use an inflatable ready bed.

Things have certainly changed since we used heavy, smelly inflatable “Lilo” mattresses when camping with our children many years ago. The beds you can buy now come in all sorts of attractive designs and combine a blow up mattress with an integral sleeping bag section. The one my granddaughter uses has integral bumpers at the side and a pillow.

It is just right to enable her to have sleepovers with her best friend.

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My granddaughter’s bed is usually kept inflated and is stored in a cupboard when not in use. It seems to keep it’s shape in storage and does not deflate.

The beds are sold with a pump and carry case. They are usually designed so that the cover can be removed and washed in a machine.

There are several styles of inflatable ready beds available including Thomas The Tank Engine and Peppa Pig. They are also available in a range of sizes so are suitable for teenage children as well,

You can find a wide range being sold in the UK by retailers such as Mothercare, Amazon, Tesco Direct and Argos.

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