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taxi 5Pronunciation is the key!

Hong Kong was a British colony and all the street signs are in English and Chinese so getting around should be simple. Our problem is that we pronounce the names in a different way to the taxi drivers!

Our grandchildren used to live in ‘Tregunter Tower, Old Peak Road’. We soon learnt to tell the taxi drivers to go to ‘tellygunter ole pik ro’ or we could have used the Chinese name ‘dei-lei-gan-dak-gok’

On our most recent visit to Hong Kong, we found The Hong Kong Taxi Translator App really simplified the use of taxis to get around Hong Kong.

The app translates addresses into written Chinese and phonetic Cantonese. It is available at a very low cost for iphones at the app store and for Android phones at Google Play.

You can search by different categories such as streets, buildings, tourist attractions and hotels. It even includes schools, which was very useful when we had to pick up a sick granddaughter .

taxi 4 taxi 3

Once you have found the address you can then add it to your favorites.

taxi 2

The line under the chinese writing ( dei6-lei6-gan1-dak1-gok3 ) uses phonetics to tell you how you should pronounce the name in Cantonese. We found it easier just to show the taxi drivers the “taxi card”.

taxi 1a



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