Historic Hartlepool – 3 unusual museums

A last minute change to our UK road trip brought us to Hartlepool Marina. What an unexpected highlight!

Papa Joe and I took the opportunity to visit the ‘Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience’ and ‘The Museum of Hartlepool’ as well as exploring the restaurants of the newly developed Hartlepool Marina. We also went to The Heugh Battery Museum at The Headland.

We stayed at The Hartlepool Marina and from our room in The Travelodge Hotel we had a spectacular view of the  ‘Maritime Experience’  with the masts of the HMS Trincomalee towering over the historic quayside.

hartlepool Maritime Experience 1

The period eighteenth century buildings on the quayside allows visitors to  ‘Maritime Experience’ to explore life in a naval seaport. You can wander in and out looking at the displays. There are also some interesting presentations – don’t miss the story of two brothers pressganged into the navy.

hartlepool Maritime Experience quay

The Mayhems will love trying their hand at deck games, playing on the adventure playship or exploring the interactive adventure centre.

hartlepool Maritime Experience play

Papa Joe and I loved wandering around on board the warship HMS Trincomalee. It is crammed full of displays and tableaux showing life on board.

hartlepool Maritime Experience trincomalee

Admission: concessions family ticket 
Website: www.hartlepoolsmaritimeexperience.com/

The Museum of Hartlepool and the Paddle Steamer Wingfield Castle are just beside the Maritime Experience. The paddle steamer was built in Hartlepool and spent its working life as a Humber Estuary ferry.

You can go onto the PS Wingfield Castle and wander around. Papa Joe loved seeing the engine room while I relaxed with a drink in the cafe.

museum of hartlepool ps wingfield engine

The Museum of Hartlepool gave Papa Joe and I a good overview of the development of Hartlepool from it’s earliest days in an interesting and informative way.

The Mayhems won’t be bored as there are some great interactive activities scattered around the museum. They will love to pretend to be archaeologists handling different exhibits.

museum of hartlepool archeology

Try your hand at archaeology


Admission: FREE  Museum and Paddle Steamer
Website: Museum of Hartlepool

Did you know that Hartlepool is the only place in the UK which is a World War One Battlefield site?

The town was attacked on the 16 December 1914 by 3 German warships. We went to the site of the attack where over 100 people including children were killed.

hartlepool WWI memorial

War Memorial, Redheugh Gardens, Hartlepool Headland

Find out more about the attack on the Heugh Battery Museum website. The Heugh Battery Museum is run by volunteers on the site of the gun battery that defended the town.

hartlepool heugh battery

The museum is small but packed full of objects. There is a realistic mock up of a wartime trench as well as tanks and artillery to see.

Where: Moor Terrace, Headland, Hartlepool,TS24 0PS
Admission: under 5 FREE – family tickets available
Website: www.heughbattery.com


Getting There Hartlepool's Maritime Experience & Museum of Hartlepool Jackson Dock/Maritime Av Hartlepool TS24 0XZ 
 The Heugh Battery Museum  Moor Terrace, Headland, Hartlepool,TS24 0PS
Google see map or get directions

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