Hippychick Hipseat Child Carrier – Updated Review

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We first saw a Hipseat in use at The National Trust’s Wimpole Hall. Buggies are not allowed in the house but you can borrow a Hipseat to carry your toddler around the rooms.


We were so intrigued by the Hipseat that we got in touch with the clever people at Hippychick to find out more about it.

When I first wrote about the hipseat I did feel that my granddaughters were too heavy for it and that it would be best for a younger child. (see below)

Well now we finally have a baby boy in the family and I have started using the Hipseat with him. It is brilliant to carry him around and I feel less strain on my back when I use it so I would recommend it for younger children 

Infant carriers and slings come in all sorts of designs and can be hard to adjust. The Hipseat is one of the easiest that I have used.  It comes in several colours, together with a tote bag which is essential to stop the velcro sticking to things.

The Hipseat is a wide belt that supports your back and wraps firmly around the waist. Velcro and a safety clip hold it in place. Your child sits either facing into you or facing out on a non slip padded foam seat that sticks out over your hip.  The foam slips into a zipped pouch at the front of the belt and can be removed when you want to wash the Hipseat in a washing machine.

There is just enough room to slip keys or a thin wallet into the zipped section. You can also buy a pouch which attaches on to the belt to store your wallet.

I found the Hipseat was just long enough to circle my size 18 waist. If I was slightly bigger, I would have had to buy the extension pack to give me an extra 6 inches.

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hippychick hipseat 1 aThe Hipseat is designed to support your back and stop you twisting your spine so you stand straight and avoid straining your back and shoulders.   As you can see from the picture on the right if I don’t use a Hipseat my posture is skewed and I end up with an aching back and hips.

I tried the Hipseat with Abbie (in the picture on the right) and I found it was really useful for carrying her up a flight of 20 steps. My balance was better and the Hipseat stopped her sliding down my side.  I felt the belt supported my back, but I did find it became rather sweaty to wear.

Hippychick say the Hipseat is suitable for children from about 6 months to 3 years, weighing 6 – 20 kg (13- 44 lbs) but as a grandmother with a new hip I feel that I would not be able to carry a child heavier than 12 Kg.

Abbie weighed 12 Kg and Sky – in the picture above with her mother – was 11 kg when I first tried out the Hipseat. I found it was great for short distances or going up stairs but not for longer distances. It was ideal for situations such as going around a zoo where the children were walking or in a buggy and occasionally needed to be picked up to see the animals.

However I think  the Hipseat would have been invaluable to carry my grandchildren when they were a little younger and lighter and as we have a new grandchild on the way I think I will definitely use it from 6 months.

You can buy the Hipseat, Pouch and Extension Pack in the UK directly from Hippychick and online from several major retailers.

Papa & Mayhem was given a Hippychick Hipseat  for review by Hippychick.  I was not paid for this review and the opinions are all mine.

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