high chairOnce a baby can sit up, at around 7 months, they can start to use a highchair. It really depends on how often your grandchild is coming to you and how much space you have as to whether you go the free standing route or buy a booster which fits onto an adult sized chair.

You may be tempted to buy a high chair which can be converted from a high chair to a child’s chair, however you might be better off buying a simpler high chair and a separate chair and table set.

table littleMy grandchildren were happily eating at a small table when  Abbie was 18 months old and Sky was 14 months old.



You have three main options:

1. A proper free standing highchair.  You may want one that can fold away, but our daughter loves the plastic Ikea Antilop chair, like the one in the picture above.

It is cheap, practical and easy to clean.  It is the basic plastic one that you see in many restaurants. It does not fold away, but the legs slide out easily.  When Abbie was small my daughter used an inflatable high chair cushion with it, so she was comfortable and had support in it.  Now that Abbie is older she has removed the tray table.


2. A  Boosterbackwards booster
A booster can be attached to your own chairs. You do have to closely supervise your grandchild as it is easy to tip the chair backwards.  If possible try to make sure the seat is placed against a wall so it can’t tip when the toddler pushes back with their foot.

I always put a towel over my chair before I strap the booster seat on it for protection against food spillage.


We bought this mothercare booster seat several years ago. The seat folds up very mothercare boostereasily and it came with a carrying case which makes it easy to store or transport.

It is comfortable and sturdy and the fabric cover is machine washable, although it does take time to unthread the straps to take the cover off and I now use it without the cover.  In fact I notice that today’s equivalent comes without a cover.



3. A Portable booster.

booster polarIf you want a really lightweight portable option check out the Polar Gear Travel Booster.  I used to use a very basic ‘Easy Rider’ sling when my children were young but my daughter now uses this and finds it very effective







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