Hell’s Gate Airtram on The Fraser River – British Columbia, Canada

As we stopped above Hell’s Gate, all we could hear was the deafening sound of millions of gallons of melt water flowing through the narrow gorge beneath us. 

hells gate bc 1

It was late spring and we were travelling along The Trans-Canadian Highway to the Canadian Rockies when we stopped at Hell’s Gate on The Fraser River. The explorer Simon Fraser coined the name in 1808 when he discovered this narrow gorge. 

You can trek down to the bottom of the gorge but we decided to take the easy way and travel on a gondola. They run every 10 – 15 minutes.

The attendant told us some of the history of Hell’s Gate on the way and also pointed out where they have a pumpkin throwing competition on the last day of the season in October, with the aim being to drop a pumpkin on a target on the rocks far below.

hells gate bc 6

As we descended, we were able to watch Canadian Pacific trains going along the gorge and hooting as they entered the tunnels.

hells gate bc 2

Once at the bottom, we decided to try some of the homemade fudge and then wander around. We were fascinated by the exhibition about the salmon who swim up and spawn each year in the river, however The Munchkins are more likely to enjoy panning for gold.

hells gate bc 4 hells gate bc 5

As we walked over the suspension bridge, we were deafened by the roar of the water. It was amazing to see very large tree trunks just tossed about as they floated along.

hells gate bc 7

As we rode the gondola back to the observation platform by the road at the top of the gorge we all agreed it had been a superb experience.

Suitable for 4+

Where: 43111 Trans Canada Hwy Boston Bar, BC Canada
Admission: Under 5 Free – family tickets –  discoun coupon on website
open mid April to mid October
Facilities: fudge factory, cafe, exhibition, gold panning
Website: www.hellsgateairtram.com


Getting There Hell's Gate Airtram, 43111 Trans Canada Hwy, Boston Bar, BC Canada 
  Large car park opposite entrance 
Google see map or get directions

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