Hatfield Marine Science Visitors Center -Newport, Oregon, USA

Hatfield Marine centre newport 5Touch a sea anemone!

Create a tsunami!

You can do both for free at The Hatfield Marine Visitor Center. The center showcases the work of adjoining Oregon State University’s Marine Research Center.

It is full of fun interactive exhibits to help you understand the way oceans behave and the animals that live in them, and as we went around very helpful and knowledgeable volunteers enhanced our visit.

We loved the series of rock pools which are filled with marine animals and we were able to roll up our sleeves and gently touch sea anemones and star fish.

Hatfield Marine centre newport 3 Hatfield Marine centre newport 4

Don’t miss the tank with a giant Pacific octopus.  We saw Velma who was here for a few months before being released back to the ocean. She was fascinating to watch and we took advantage of the ‘Octocam’ to see what she was doing after we left.

Other sections in the center contained aquariums with explanations about the work the research institute was doing with the fish.

Hatfield Marine centre newport 6

If you want to be more hands on you can build a beach and then use the bricks to create defenses to stop erosion. I am not sure that younger munchkins really understood the science but they had a great time making the beach!

Hatfield Marine centre newport 2

You can also create your own tsunami. Build a lego house, put it in the tank, use the computer to create a tsunami wave and see what happens!

Hatfield Marine centre newport 1

A simple but very effective demonstration.

Suitable for toddlers +

Where: Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center, 2030 S. Marine Science Drive, Newport, Oregon, USA 
Admission: FREE – donations  (suggested $5 per person / $20 per family)
Facilities: free parking, family learning programmes
Website: Hatfield Marine Science Center


Getting There Hatfield Marine Science Visitor Center, 2030 S. Marine Science Drive, Newport, Oregon, USA 
Google see map or get directions

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