Handbag 2 Handbag Organiser – makes finding things easy

I always panic that I have left something in the seat back pocket at the end of a flight. I used to try and keep my things together in a pouch but it never seemed big enough. So I was really pleased to see that the ‘Handbag 2 Handbag’ organiser has been specially designed to cope with this problem.

If I put everything I need in the organiser, I can just move it from one handbag to another. Now Papa Joe had difficulty with this concept as he can’t see why I need more than one handbag – but then he is a man!

pouch for flyinga My old travelling pouch

handbag2handbag1 The Handbag2Handbag solution

The organiser has 11 pockets of different shapes and sizes. It was great to be able to put my glasses in the special section at the side and find them easily in the dark when I wanted them. The long pocket was ideal for my boarding pass and I popped my passport in the pocket which had been designed to hold it securely. The commodious centre section, was large enough for my book, note pad, kindle and eye shade.


The Handbag2Handbag organiser comes in a variety of colours and materials. Have a look at their website to see the full range. The organiser I used was from the nylon range and is machine washable at 30 degrees.

After our holiday, I washed the organiser and then packed it with all the nappies, drinking bottles and wipes I need when I take my grandchildren out for shopping trips. The metal clips at each end are invaluable for attaching toys or fastening the bag to a buggy.











Papa & Mayhem was given an Organiser by Handbag 2 Handbag. I was not paid for this review, and the opinions are all mine.



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