Greetings Cards Art

Greetings Cards Art 3Sometimes you just need a short activity to keep the grandchildren amused for 5 minutes.  After all, there is only a certain amount of TV they can watch.

I have a collection of old greetings cards. I cut out pictures, shapes and letters from them which I keep for a rainy day. There are not many ‘z’ on greetings cards so I sometimes raid magazines.

You simply glue the pieces on paper or card to make a picture. Use either a child friendly washable PVA glue or a solid glue stick such as
Pritt Stick which contains a solvent and PVC-free glue that is suitable for children to use.

We also have packets of coloured self adhesive labels from our local stationery shop in our art box.  As well as circles, we have hearts and small squares that the grandchildren love to stick over everything.

How about making mysterious messages with the letters? Older children can make a mystery treasure trail around the house with messages.

Greetings Cards Art 1

You can make 3D effects as well. Take a strip of thin card about 1 cm by 4 cm (¼” by 1 ½”) and concertina it. Stick one end on the picture – the other on the underside of the letters. It makes a great effect.

Greetings Cards Art 2

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