Quiz Walk : Greenwich Meridian and Park

A delightful walk, 1¼miles long, with fantastic views across the Thames
Buggy friendly  – a gentle uphill climb to The Observatory between 2 and 3 – lots of seats to rest at.  Between 3 and 4 is a very short gradient. Between 6 and 7 is a gentle gradient.  After that the walk is level or downhill.
There are several places to stop for food and toilets.   There is a large children’s playground/adventure playground at 9

 Download a pdf of the walk

greenwich map 6 copy

Walk up King William Walk towards the St Mary’s Gate entrance of Greenwich Park 1

1)    What port is now a hotel in King William Street?

2)    Which King’s statute is by St Mary’s Gate?  (A street name might give you a clue)

Go through the gates and turn right by a café

3)    What is sitting on the coffee bean at St Mary’s Lodge?

Continue to The Herb Garden 2

4)    How many types of herbs grow in the herb garden?

5)    What type of mint is herb number 11?

Retrace your steps to the main gate and turn right on the footpath alongside the wide road, following it as it curves gently up the hill.  There are plenty of shady seats!

You will reach a wooded area enclosed by metal railings on your left.   As you continue along the road you will see a break in the railings and a small path on your left going through these woods 3. 
Walk along this small path until you come to The Old Royal Observatory Gardens.

6)    Are radios allowed in The Old Royal Observatory Gardens?

The gardens give a good view of The Observatory 28″ telescope dome.
Return to the path and continue along it.  To the left are superb views of The O2 Dome and Greenwich.
Just before you reach the gate you will cross The Greenwich Meridian Line marked on the path. 4

Go through the gate and look at the British Yard and the large 24 hour wall clock above it.

7)    What is the full name of the 24 hour Gate lock?

8)    Is the British Yard longer or shorter than two feet?

9)    What is the name of the Planetarium?

If you have time go into The Observatory. The interactive Weller Astronomy Galleries are free, and there is also a café and toilets inside.

Cross to the large statue of General Wolfe and take a moment to admire the view 5

10) What city is carved on James Wolfe’s statue?

Walk past the front of statue and take the footpath across the grass signposted to ‘Roman Remains’ and ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Oak’  6

11) In which century was Queen Elizabeth’s Oak thought to have been planted?

12) When did Prince Philip plant another oak tree next to it?

At Queen Elizabeth Oak  take the right hand path up the hill.  It is signposted ‘Roman Remains’. Carry on up the path until you meet a broad red path.

Turn left along the broad path and walk to the information board explaining about the Romano Celtic Temple 7

13) What year did A D Webster and Herbert Jones first investigate the area?

14)  They found an ivory statue of a women.  What is she holding above her head?

After reading the information, turn left and go down the hill towards the lake.  As you walk down this path keep your eyes open for an old drinking fountain tucked away on the left.

At the bottom of the hill go to the large sundial. This is the Millennium Sundial, and has the meridian line running through it  8

15)  Who designed the Millenium Sundial?

If you have energy you can go on to the large playground 9  else turn around and walk along the path beside The National Maritime Museum to the start of the walk.

 Papa’s  Facts
Did You Know That:

Greenwich Park dates back to 1427

The 28-inch Greenwich refracting telescope is the seventh largest in the world

The Royal Observatory was built for a cost of £520 and was completed in 1676

The Greenwich Meridian is the

Prime Meridian of the World – Longitude 0º

1 yard is  36⁄39.370113 of a metre which works out as 91.44 cm

The red time ball on Flamsteed House falls at 13.00 hours each day




1) Devonport     2) William      3) A Cow     4) 28     5) Catmint     6) No

7) Shepherd     8) Longer     9) Peter Harrison     10) Quebec     11) 12th Century

12) 3rd December 1992     13) 1902     14) Shield     15) Christopher Daniel




greenwich walk 1

Getting There Start at the corner of Nelson Road and King William Walk Greenwich SE10 9JB
  which is by Nauticalia, The First Shop in The World
Google see map or get directions

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