Grandma Jacqui’s Art Box

painting gear

I keep a big box with things to use when the children paint.

These are the things I find most useful:

1) At least one washable plastic tablecloth to protect the floor.  They are much bigger than childrens playmats and are usually in plentiful supply at pound shops

2) Painting overalls – for the very young you can use the coverup bibs.  Craft shops have the plastic type often found in schools.  For older children, I steal one of Papa Joes old shirts!

painting gear23) Cheap containers for paint and water.  Plastic mushroom boxes or a pack of plastic desert bowls work well as they are less likely to spill than a tall container

4) Squeezy paint – much easier than powder paint or water colour blocks and the paint in the bottles lasts for a long time.  Most very large supermarkets often sell them.

5) Sponge cut into small pieces for dabbing paint onto paper.

6) I usually use computer printer paper – no need for good quality artists paper.

7) A variety of large brushes.  The small size brushes for using with household paints are good.

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