Gatwick North Terminal – tips for travelling with children

We recently travelled through London Gatwick Airport North Terminal and while there checked out the facilities for families. You can see a map of The North Terminal here which has the baby changing areas and toilets clearly marked.


  • Parking We took advantage of ‘The Summer Special Parking’ open between March and September.
    You park near the reception booth at the car park, hand in your car keys, and catch the frequent shuttle bus. This minimises the walking with luggage and the ‘Mayhems’!
    There is also a more expensive valet parking scheme operated all year round, as well as long and short stay car parks. Many of the airlines offer discounted parking so do check their websites.
    There is also an article about Cheap Airport Parking here .
    It is also cheaper to book before you arrive on line at The Official Gatwick Airport Parking Page.
  • Family Assistance Lane Through Security. Several families were taking advantage of the special lane through security – look out for signs.

Airside – Departures

  • We always take small empty drinks bottles that will fit into the seat back pocket on the plane and fill them after security. Some toilets have a drinking water fountain near by and several shops sell bottles of water.

    gatwick north terminal departure1

    Look for the drinking water sign

  • You can order made up baby formula from Boots directly from their website – allow 7 days. The direct phone number to the North Terminal Boots is 01293 569606.
  • Allow plenty of time to get to your gate as there are long corridors and escalators. There are more toilets and outlets to get a coffee, drinks and sweets at the gates.
  • A small free ‘kids zone’ and limited seating is located at the far end of the departure lounge. (You can pay to use the special lounges which also have children’s areas but these can work out expensive for a family to use)

    gatwick north terminal family area 3

    Follow the family seating sign

    gatwick north terminal family area 1

    Seating is at end of corridor

    gatwick north terminal family area 2

Airside – Arrivals

  • When you arrive at Gatwick, some airlines send your pushchair to baggage reclaim and depending on the gate you may have to carry very young children quite a distance.
    As you make your way to the arrivals hall look for this sign near the lifts just before the air bridge which takes you to the terminal building.

gatwick north terminal arrivals 1However the day we arrived all the pushchairs had been used by passengers on previous flights and were in the baggage hall!

gatwick north terminal arrivals 2
You can find out more information and tips for flying with children at Gatwick’s Travelling With Children page.

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