Further afield


We are always looking for out for interesting places suitable for The Mayhems. Here are some places which we have come across on our travels

  • Hong Kong Ferries- a great way to explore
     No visit to Hong Kong would be complete without taking at least one ride across Victoria Harbour on an iconic Star Ferry. But Papa and I also love riding on some of the other ferry routes across the harbour or to the outlying islands. At the […]
  • Houston we have lift off!
    Watching the space walk by the  UK astronaut Tim Peake brought back memories of the brilliant visit that Papa Joe and I made to Space Center Houston during our amazing Texas road trip. We had to book well in advance for The Behind-the-Scenes […]
  • Malta At War Museum
    As Papa Joe and I explored the narrow passages and rooms of the air raid shelter beneath ‘The Malta At War Museum’ we were amazed at the conditions the people of Malta had to endure during World War Two. No wonder the island was awarded […]
  • The Lascaris War Rooms – Valleta, Malta
    Did you know that buried under the streets of Valleta in Malta are The Lascaris War Rooms, a large underground secret command centre used during World War II and ‘The Cold War’ and then abandoned for 40 years! It was from this hidden […]
  • Mystic Seaport – An Amazing Maritime Museum
    I have no head for heights and Papa Joe is the same so we both watched with admiration as the crew unfurled the sails on the training ship Joseph Conrad.  We were spending the day at Mystic Seaport, the largest maritime museum in the USA. There were […]
  • ‘Travel with Children’ by Lonely Planet – Review
    Travelling with the Mayhems can be great fun and very rewarding. Papa Joe and I are always amazed at how adventurous some families are. In India we met a family taking six months to explore Asia before their daughter started school and in South […]
  • Boston – first stop on our New England Roadtrip
    Boston did not want us to leave – as we started our New England Road Trip the heavens opened making it hard to drive away! We loved Boston, a city that is easy to explore and an ideal place to get over jetlag. […]
  • Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui’s New England Road Trip
    Papa Joe and I decided to combine a wedding in Connecticut with a road trip. We flew to Boston, drove to the wedding, and then took 2 weeks to explore New England. The wedding was at the end of August so we were just before the main […]
  • USS Lexington – experience life on an aircraft carrier
    Papa Joe and I were on our road trip driving along the Texas Gulf Coast when we visited The USS Lexington, a decommissioned aircraft carrier. The ship was built during WWII and now has a new lease of life as naval aviation museum. There is a lot to […]
  • Hatfield Marine Science Visitors Center -Newport, Oregon, USA
    Touch a sea anemone! Create a tsunami! You can do both for free at The Hatfield Marine Visitor Center. The center showcases the work of adjoining Oregon State University’s Marine Research Center. It is full of fun interactive exhibits to help […]
  • Texas – Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui’s Road Trip
    A family wedding in Denver – whoops – the direct flights from the UK are fully booked! OK – let’s use some lateral thinking and go via Texas – not the most obvious routing but it worked for us and we had a superb road […]
  • Cattle and Cowboys at The Stockyards Fort Worth Texas
    When Papa Joe and I were little we always watched Westerns. Papa Joe loved ‘Bonanza’ and still uses the theme tune as his phone’s ringtone! I always imagined being a cowboy, riding the range and visiting saloons just like Butch […]
  • Unusual Israel
    Where in the world can you find the following places to take The Mayhems which are all within 60 miles of each other? a museum dedicated to Japanese Art a wonderful collection of Salvador Dali’s bronzes hot springs to swim in complete with […]
  • The Peak, Hong Kong
    Visiting The Peak is a must for everyone and is one of our favourite things to do when we are visiting our grandchildren in Hong Kong. Try to visit during the day and then come back for the night time views. If you are at The Peak at 8 pm on a clear […]
  • The Ocean Star Oil Rig, Galveston,Texas
    Finally Papa Joe has made it onto an oil rig! Papa Joe worked for years in the oil industry and had visited oil refineries but never managed to visit an off shore oil rig. So he was really excited to go on board The Ocean Star which is now a museum. […]
  • Unwinding in Vancouver, Canada
    Vancouver – what a great place to unwind in – compact, easy to get around with great scenery on the doorstep as well as a lot of diverse districts with interesting food to be had. Papa Joe and I always need a few days to unwind after a […]
  • Denver Art Gallery, Colorado
    Denver is a fun city especially if like Papa Joe and myself you find yourself visiting during the crazy Denver Zombie Crawl – how many Zombies make a weird world record? We saw some great art work as we walked through the crowds, with people […]
  • JFK, LBJ and Texas
    Papa Joe and I can remember what we were doing when the fatal shot was fired in Dallas – yes we are that old and no I am not talking about JR of TV fame, but President Kennedy. The places we visited are probably most suited for the Papas and […]
  • Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui’s Pacific West Coast Road trip
    Now for a confession – this was just Papa Joe and myself on the road trip – we left all our Mayhems at home with their parents! BUT we did look for child friendly places to visit on our route to share with you. We flew to Vancouver at the end […]
  • Hell’s Gate Airtram on The Fraser River – British Columbia, Canada
    As we stopped above Hell’s Gate, all we could hear was the deafening sound of millions of gallons of melt water flowing through the narrow gorge beneath us.  It was late spring and we were travelling along The Trans-Canadian Highway to the […]
  • Ask the family – what is your favourite road trip?
    Recently my daughter took her 2 ‘Mayhems’ on a trip to New Mexico. When they got home she asked them what they liked best and got some interesting replies 5 year old – Tobogganing! Also pony riding and going on the water slide 2 year old […]
  • Colonial Williamsburg USA – a revolution in the air!
    It seems odd to see The Union Flag flying over an American town but in Colonial Williamsburg it is 1775 and The American Revolution is still a year away. Suddenly we heard the sound of fife and drums down the street. The militia were on their way. […]
  • Tillamook Forest Interpretive Center – Oregon
    Sometimes you come across the most interesting places by accident. We were driving to the Oregon coast when we stopped for a walk by The Wilson River by The Jones Creek campground. As we walked beside the river we saw a long pedestrian suspension […]
  • Virginia City – Nevada – a ghost town come to life
    When Papa Joe and Grandma Jacqui travel we are always on the lookout for great places to take the munchkins. Virginia City certainly ticks all the boxes. What an atmospheric place, it is so easy to use your imagination to see what it was like in the […]
  • Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park – Seattle!!
    Papa Joe and I thought we were dreaming when we saw the sign ‘Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park’ at the historic Cadillac Hotel in Seattle. The Klondike in Seattle? – surely the Klondike is in Canada. Intrigued we […]
  • The Hong Kong Taxi App
    Pronunciation is the key! Hong Kong was a British colony and all the street signs are in English and Chinese so getting around should be simple. Our problem is that we pronounce the names in a different way to the taxi drivers! Our grandchildren […]
  • Quiz Walk : The Peak, Hong Kong
    A delightful walk with superb views north from Lugard Road toward Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong and Kowloon. You will see Aberdeen and Lamma Island to the south from Harlech Road. A level buggy friendly walk about 3.5 Km (2 miles) – plenty of […]
  • Don’t Forget The Wipes
    “I see you are from England too” said the girl standing in the queue beside me. How did she know I wondered, then I looked down and saw she was also clutching a box of Tesco flat pack toilet paper. I was pleased that my backpacking […]
  • Wings Over The Rockies, Denver, Colorado
    We decided to visit  ‘The Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum’ to fill a couple of spare hours before going on to nearby Denver Airport to fly home. It was certainly a good choice as there were all sorts of planes to see, a […]
  • Living History In Action – Littleton Museum Colorado
    suitable for toddlers to 14.  Allow 2 hours This summer Papa Joe and I had a great holiday exploring Utah and Colorado without the grandchildren!!!! Our daughter and her two munchkins were also going to be holidaying in Colorado so she asked us to […]
  • Utah’s Mighty Five
    Recently we went to a travel exhibition to get some good ideas of where to take the grandchildren. We met some great people including Joyce from the Convention and Tourism Office in St George, Utah. Now Joyce knows a thing or two about grandchildren […]
  • Barcelona With The Grandchildren
    Papa Joe and I love spending time in Barcelona and we will have our young grandchildren with us on our next trip. This means that instead of just wandering around as the fancy takes us, we have to do some serious planning. In fact as we have to […]
  • Schiphol Airport Amsterdam – Great Facilities For Children
    We recently had to change planes at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and were amazed by the great facilities for children and adults. Check out their website for details. All too often departure lounges in other airports are crammed full of shops […]