Feeding the Kids – Annabel Karmel Recipes

picnic gardenIt was so simple when my kids were little – fish fingers, instant whip, chocolate mousse – although a fish finger picnic is still a winner with the granddaughters!

However, there has been a quiet revolution in food for babies and toddlers. Two year old Abbie happily tucks into a lunch of falafel, houmous and avocado on pitta bread with olives on the side.

If you want ideas of enticing food for your grandchildren when they come to stay, I would recommend looking at Annabel Karmel’s website. She lists recipes for different age groups and also ideas for vegetarians. 

Annabel Karmel has written a wide variety of books and I am sure you will find one that will suit your family. Many of recipes are suitable for all ages. I recently used her Cheesy Vegetable & Cashew Nut Burgers recipe for Papa Joe. They were so good that there were none left to freeze for when the grandchildren come to visit.

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