Ask the family – what is your favourite road trip?

Recently my daughter took her 2 ‘Mayhems’ on a trip to New Mexico. When they got home she asked them what they liked best and got some interesting replies

5 year old – Tobogganing! Also pony riding and going on the water slide

2 year old – Going to school.  Cue quizzical look from my daughter at which point my 5 year old chimes in with ‘I think she means shepherding school’.  Again, quizzical look. Then my daughter realised she meant the ‘sheriff’s school’ that the girls took part in at the Flying J Ranch.  Once that was cleared up the 2year old kept going…

AND diving under the water and the pretend hot balloon museum.

click here to find out about what else appealed to a 5 year old and a 2 year old!

So I decided to find out what my own daughters’ favourite road trips were when they were children. Over the years we took them to France Israel, Scotland, Spain and the USA.

This is how they responded –

“Mum – how could I possibly pick… But Arizona/Utah ranks up there”

utah 1989

Zion National Park – Climbing To Angels Landing – 1989

“Colonial Williamsburg for sure” my other daughter replied.

colonial williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg – America before the Revolution

What great choices

In fact Papa Joe and I have recently revisited both areas. See Utah’s Mighty Five to find out why we love visiting Western USA and read about Colonial Williamsburg.

Whether you are visiting with the munchkins or having some own time we are sure you will find both areas really fascinating.


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