Explore Your Roots

Papa Joe and I were walking with one of The Mayhems when we passed by a large office block.

“Your mummy worked there” I told her.

“Can I take a photo” she replied

Now all the Mayhems seem to be obsessed with taking photos at the moment so I gave her the camera and she then took some pictures. It made me realise that although we have plenty of photos of people we don’t have a record of important family places.

So no dusty drawing of family trees. Instead, armed with a camera, we are going to take The Mayhems to places that have been important in our family’s life, take pictures and put together a memories book.

taking photos


It can be all sorts of places that either we or ‘Mummy/Daddy have memories of.

  • schools
  • workplaces
  • family homes
  • playgrounds and parks
  • favourite shops

Getting There
Google see map or get directions

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