Hong Kong Ferries- a great way to explore

 No visit to Hong Kong would be complete without taking at least one ride across Victoria Harbour on an iconic Star Ferry.

star ferry

Star Ferry – Kowloon to Hong Kong Island – the best 30p ride you will ever have!

But Papa and I also love riding on some of the other ferry routes across the harbour or to the outlying islands. At the central piers you can watch a continual stream of commuter boats of different shapes and sizes pulling in and out taking passengers to the outlying islands that make up Hong Kong.

hk ferries

Smart fast ferries to small cross harbour ferries, Hong Kong has them all

There are also frequent inter island routes that can be fun to take.

lantau to aberdeen

You can see details of over 30 routes on the  Hong Kong Government transport website.

Our favourite island ferry ride is the ordinary ferry to Cheung Chau. On a nice day you can go on deck for fantastic views of Hong Kong, the harbour and other boats. Don’t forget your camera.

cheung chau ferry

On the way Hong Kong Island to Cheung Cahau, being passed by a Macao ferry

Our favourite harbour crossing is a small ferry that goes across the eastern section of Victoria Harbour.

Sam Ka Tsuen ferry

Lei Yue Mun fishing village – with restaurants and a fascinating temple set beside modern tower blocks

 It links the high rise area of Sai Wan Ho with its western style restaurants and coffee shops to Sam Ka Tsuen where you can stroll to the tiny fishing village with fantastic fish restaurants.

Getting There Central Piers – Star ferry and ferries to outlying islands
Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier = Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Pier for service to Lei Yue Mun fishing village 
Google see map or get directions

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