Equipment at home

Eating, Playing or Sleeping at our house. This is some of the equipment we have acquired to keep our Mayhems happy and safe. 

  • Yeominis Start Gardening Carry Bag Kit – Review
    The first time my granddaughter and I tried to plant a herb garden we both ended up rather wet! I learnt the hard way how difficult using a watering can is for a two year old.  She was keen to help me but all my gardening tools were too big for her […]
  • A Spoonful Of Medicine ??
    Why has my daughter got a syringe sitting on the shelf in her house – panic thoughts went through my mind! However it was nothing to worry about, and I have become a convert to using syringes with young children.   It is a great way to […]
  • Child proofing the house – Doorstops
    What do you do when your 2 ½ year old runs into a hotel bedroom with a defective door handle and can’t get out? Simple – Pass an iphone to play with and some food under the door while you wait for the hotel manager to climb through the […]
  • Child Proofing The House – Cupboards
    We always had to remind Grandpa Ernie to be careful about leaving pills where our children could get to them. He was a hypochondriac with a huge collection of medicines but as he made it to 92 with all his faculties intact it seemed to work for […]
  • Grandchildren sleeping over? – inflatable ready beds may be what you need
    If you want to have your grandchildren come and stay with you, but are short of beds one practical solution is to use an inflatable ready bed. Things have certainly changed since we used heavy, smelly inflatable “Lilo” mattresses when […]
  • The Baby and Child First Aid App – free from The Red Cross
    Do you know what to do in an emergency if someone is injured? Do you have your grandchildren’s medical information handy when you take them out? The new app from the British Red Cross:- is designed for […]
  • Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organiser – Review
    Ever since I managed to topple my buggy and daughter backwards I have been wary about hanging bags from the buggy handles – don’t worry she wasn’t hurt and now has children of her own. When I took her children out recently I got […]
  • Feeding the Kids – Annabel Karmel Recipes
    It was so simple when my kids were little – fish fingers, instant whip, chocolate mousse – although a fish finger picnic is still a winner with the granddaughters! However, there has been a quiet revolution in food for babies and […]
  • Potette Plus – Travelling Potty – Review
    Our granddaughter suddenly decided that she has had enough of nappies and wants to use the big people’s toilet. She took to using a training seat really quickly and now the morning can be taken up with her continually asking to use the toilet. […]
  • New car = new ‘Quinny Zapp Stroller’
    “Brilliant, very cleverly engineered”  Papa Joe said as we unpacked our new Quinny Zapp Stroller.  Men seem to notice things like that. Our previous buggy was just a fraction too long to get into the boot of our new car.  After a lot of […]
  • Kiddicare Stores
    It is ages since I have seen Pam.  We used to stand chatting at the school gate, I won’t say how many years ago. So when we saw her and Steve at Kiddicare Enfield we had to have a long chat about children, grandchildren, baby monitors and […]
  • New car = new buggy
    We finally decided to pension off our trusty blue Nissan Micra after 11 years of sterling service.  Both our girls used it and our elder daughter still drives it when she and our grandchildren come from Hong Kong and stay with us. (That is Daisy in […]
  • Travel Blackout! Review – Cot Canopy Breeze
    Our eldest daughter and her two girls live in Hong Kong.  It is lovely when they come to stay with us but things can get very hectic, especially when the children are jetlagged. No matter how  we arrange blackout curtains and blinds there is always […]
  • Kids On The Go Super Sipper by Tommee Tippee – review
    Somehow all sorts of baby bottles and children’s drinking cups have accumulated in our  house since we have become grandparents. Many of the toddler drinking cups with their push on lids totally defeat me and I end up battling to pull the top […]
  • What Buggy Should We Have?
    I remember when my nephew was taken on holiday to the USA in the 1970s. His parents took a lightweight  folding Maclaren buggy which was a hit with the Americans as they were still buying large push chairs and prams. That buggy got handed down to my […]
  • Grandma Jacqui’s Art Box
    I keep a big box with things to use when the children paint. These are the things I find most useful: 1) At least one washable plastic tablecloth to protect the floor.  They are much bigger than childrens playmats and are usually in plentiful supply […]
  • A new grandchild on the way – what do I need to buy?
    The list of essential shopping for any new parent seems to be endless nowadays. Every retailer, baby website and antenatal class will leave their heads reeling (and their pockets lighter) as they navigate the myriad of choices. Here’s our list […]
  • Washable Glue – a must
    I used to love Copydex especially when it stuck on my fingers and I could pull the dried glue off them. However it was a nightmare to clean if I spilt it onto my clothes.   When I recently needed some glue for decorating Easter Bonnets with the […]
  • Toys from the loft – what have you got up there?
    As soon as we knew we had granchildren on the way we went up into the loft and searched among the dust and piles of mystery boxes and bags that we had stored away.   We soon hit paydirt and found some great toys that we had forgoten that we had […]
  • Pop Up Play Tents – great for saving space
     When the kids arrive all the toys come out and mayhem ensues. When they leave it can take ages to tidy up. This is where pop up toys are brilliant.  No more dismantling and losing critical parts during storage.  The toys fold up flat with ease  and […]
  • Highchairs
    Once a baby can sit up, at around 7 months, they can start to use a highchair. It really depends on how often your grandchild is coming to you and how much space you have as to whether you go the free standing route or buy a booster which fits onto […]
  • Never too young to garden
    Grow bags – the gardening type not the grobags sleep bag! – are always useful to keep the grandchildren amused. All you need are the old bags, some gardening tools and some flowering bedding plants for instant colour. My neighbour […]
  • 4 ways to use the baby bath
    Our grandchildren are rapidly growing up but the baby bath is not going on ebay. Old baby baths can be very useful to keep the Mayhems amused. Fill it with water, sand, or soil.  Turn it upside down to double as a child’s table, just right for […]
  • Essential medicine kit for grandparents
    You know the saying.  Plan for the worst, and hope for the best.  With this in mind, here are our top five medical items to have available if you are looking after little ones. Keep a first aid kit at home and consider taking some basic items with […]
  • Keeping Warm in a Buggy – Morrck Baby Hoodie
    This winter’s cold weather has made preparing to go out with a baby in a buggy more of a chore than usual.  Trying to keep a hat on our granddaughter is a continual battle. The Morrck Baby Hoodie solved our problem. The Baby Hoodie is a […]