Denver Art Gallery, Colorado

Denver is a fun city especially if like Papa Joe and myself you find yourself visiting during the crazy Denver Zombie Crawl – how many Zombies make a weird world record? We saw some great art work as we walked through the crowds, with people of all ages entering into the spirit of the event.

denver zombie crawl 2

A Zombie with his Mayhems!

We strolled away from the crush and made our way to the distinctive Denver Art Museum with its iconic Hamilton Building. I know the shape was inspired by The Rockies but I did speculate if it was actually the spaceship all the zombies had came from!

denver art museum 1

Luckily there were no zombies inside but there were some brilliant exhibitions and lots of activities for all the family.

Where: 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204 
Admission: entrance fee – under 5 free – concessions –  free on the first Saturday of every month
Website: denverartmuseum.org

The incredibly helpful volunteers provided us with a brochure containing a map showing all the activity areas in the museum as well as a list all the different events aimed at children. (see the kids and families page here). They also showed us the family backpacks. These have activities inside and are available to borrow at weekends and during school holidays.

denver art museum 2

We started our visit by going to the top floor in The Hamilton building and worked our way down. The unusual shape of the galleries made an excellent back drop for the colourful African and Oceanic work on display.

denver art museum 3

We even had a go at playing some African sounds.

Then as we peered over the balcony to the gallery below we saw grey foxes jumping over red tables and chairs

denver art museum fox games 1

We strolled on the path between the tables trying to decide which was our favourite fox. I loved the one leaping high over a table.denver art museum fox games 2

As we continued through the galleries into the original wing of the gallery we found special activity areas set aside throughout the building. There were trails with simple quizzes and places where ‘The Mayhems’ can create all sorts of art.

denver art museum 6 denver art museum 4 denver art museum 5

I am not sure which part of the museum was our favourite – I think that we need another trip back to Denver so that we can visit again!.

Getting There The main entrance is in the Hamilton Building, south of 13th Avenue – the North Building's main entrance is north of 13th Avenue.
Google see map or get directions

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