Crystal Palace Park- Monsters and Amazing Mazes

To sports fans Crystal Palace is a football club or a sporting venue for athletics and swimming.  However as a Girl Guide I always associate Crystal Palace with the girls who came to the first scout rally here in 1909. They gave Baden Powell the impetus to  create The Girl Guides.

In 2009 the maze in the park was restored and dedicated to the Girl Guides for their centenary.


Amazing – We found the centre

Crystal Palace also brings to mind the Victorians when in 1852 The Great Exhibition was moved from Hyde Park and reopened here.

In a way the park could be counted as the world’s first theme park, with fantastic attractions such as the iconic dinosaur sculptures. These sculptures were restored in 2002 and really delight The Mayhems.


Where: Crystal Palace – near Penge and Sydenham
Parking: large car park – Annerly Hill entrance.  2 car parks Lodge Gate & Penge entrances
Facilities: Dinosaur Sculpture – audio trail Heritage Trail
playground with large sandpit full of dinosaur eggs and bones!
boating on the lake  -summer weekends and school holidays
café near Penge Gate           Brown and Green café at Crystal Palace Station
 Website:  Bromley Council      and      Crystal Palace Park Community Group 
 Useful leaflets Park Leaflet           Dinosaur leaflet            Heritage Trail

dinosaur cry

Walking down the hill from Crystal Palace Station, passing the athletics stadium and Capel Manor College you suddenly get a superb view of the dinosaur models.

I can only remember the name of Tyrannosaurus Rex but it did not matter as I had downloaded an audio trail tour to find out all about them.

The large models are clustered around the lake.  It was great seeing all the ducks and moorhens wandering around them.

After visiting them you can go via Park Café, with highchairs and a children’s menu, to the children’s playground and play with the models in the sandpit.

sand pit cry

Then it was a bit of a walk but I had to find the maze which is near the concert bowl. Papa Joe was more fascinated by the good view of the transmitter from here!

The maze entrance is along the path just to the left of a noticeboard explaining about the maze.  I wish I had taken a photograph of the maze map so it as I thought I would never find my way through.  It was great fun and there were other families getting lost too.

Eventually we found my way to the centre and was thankful to see that there is an escape path and gate so that you don’t have to trace your out.

maze gate cry

We did not see half of what is offer in the park so will be back to walk the heritage trail.

For more information about Crystal palace Walks look here.


Getting There Crystal Palace Park, either Thicket Road or Annerley Road SE20  for carparks
see map or get directions Public Transport TFL Journey Planner or National Rail

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