When did Daisy learn to crack eggs?

crack egg

I was amazed one morning when making an omelette for Daisy’s breakfast, when she was only just 3, that she insisted on breaking the eggs and mixing them up herself.

I don’t know who taught her  the technique – mummy, daddy, nursery or even Papa Joe  – but she was able to manage quite well.

However I have learnt a couple of tips that I am passing on to you.

Put the bowl you are using on a large plate so if some spills over the edge you can still use it.


Make sure all hands are clean before you start.  using a finger is still the most effective way to fish out broken egg shells!

Break each egg separately and have a 2nd bowl to combine the eggs into.

Put a damp cloth under the bowl to stop it moving when you whisk.

Use a small wonder whisk.  It is much easier for small hands to control than a balloon whisk. Daisy likes to use it as it is a ‘grown up tool’ not a toyl


daisy cook

Daisy is becoming a great cook

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