Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry cars

 Suitable for 6+ allow 2 hours

Get a close up view of cars, bikes, buses and lorries from earlier times. The younger children were particularly fascinated by the street scenes and large cabinets of models.

Papa Joe had to be dragged away because we had a train to catch.

There are more than 240 cars and commercial vehicles, 100 motorcycles, 200 bicycles.

Where: Millennium Place, Hales St, Coventry, CV1 1JD
Admission Free
Facilities Cafe, buggy park, worksheets, shop, under 5s play area, picnic area
Website:  www.transport-museum.com

In the Landmarques gallery you can walk through street scenes depicting Coventry from 1869 to 1945, passing by horse and carts, bicycles and cars, and you encounter all the noise and smells of a thriving city. One section is devoted to the “World War 2 blitz experience”.

This Museum  is located in Coventry because the city was previously the centre of the British car industry. It contains the largest collection of British road transport in the world, accompanied by displays which tell the stories about the development and decline of the British motor industry.

Many “familiar” cars are in the collection, including an Austin Allegro, an  Austin Metro previously owned by Lady Diana Spencer, Ford Escort, Hillman Imp, Triumph Herald, Triumph Acclaim, Chrysler Sunbeam, Chrysler Horizon, Peugeot 206, Peugeot 405.

Coventry models



In the Model World Gallery, young and old can enjoy the fantastic collection of model cars which were all collected by one man.



Esquires Coffee House is situated in the entrance to the Museum, serving drinks, cakes, soups and hot/cold sandwiches.

Getting There Millennium Place, Hales St, Coventry, West Midlands, UK  
Nearby city centre pay and display car parks (Bishop Street CV1 1NN, and Belgrade Plaza CV1 4AJ). Park and ride (Mon-Sat) at Memorial Park, Kenilworth Road, CV3 6PT
Google see map or get directions

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