Cooking With Aluminium Foil Parcels

cooking with foil 3Using aluminium cooking foil is a great way to encourage children to cook a main meal.

I think the technique works best with fish, but you can use thin pieces of chicken and adjust the cooking time. It is also a great way to cook vegetables. With young children I slice the vegetables for them. If I am coking vegetables with a main item I will blanch them first so that they are ready as the same time as the main item.

We used:
aluminium foil
a baking tray
salmon fillets
thin asparagus spears
lemon juice
salt and pepper

The oven was set to 200C

First the girls covered a baking tray with aluminium foil.

Daisy washed the asparagus spears and then she and Sky snapped off the very end of each spear.

cooking with foil 1 cooking with foil 4 cooking with foil 2

They carefully laid the spears on the aluminium foil and placed the salmon on top. With Papa Joe’s help they seasoned the salmon with a squeeze of lemon juice and salt and pepper. Once everything was in place they laid a second piece of foil on top and crimped the sides to make a package.

We put the baking tray in the oven for 15 minutes to cook.

Alternative ideas to experiment with

  1. Instead of salmon use fillets of cod or sea bass. You can also use chicken breasts – allow 20-25 minutes in the oven for the chicken to cook
  2. Try different vegetables like baby tomatoes. Daisy and Sky are a bit young to cut vegetables up so I would use vegetables they can break up by hand like fine beans, broccoli, spinach or baby corn.
    I have also got the girls picking herbs from the garden such as chives and thyme to put on top of the salmon.
    Mushrooms work well with chicken and cod.
    Sliced and par boiled potatoes can also be added to the foil packages
  3. Try different marinades – soy sauce or pesto work well




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