City Farms – in the middle of a town!


Did you know that there is a farm with pigs, sheep, rabbits, ducks and  three alpacas called Ben, Jerry and Tom just a mile away from The Houses of Parliament.

Papa Joe and I were amazed to discover Vauxhall City Farm in the middle of London and have since visited several other farms in the centre of London.

vaux city f 1

Vauxhall City Farm

But it is not just London that you can find similar farms. Our friends love taking their grandson Leon to  Bill Quay Community Farm, in Gateshead.

The Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens supports, represents and promotes community-managed farms, gardens. If you visit their website you can use their interactive map to find city farms that exist near you.  

They represent city farms and gardens all over the UK. The farms are usually run by local communities and rely heavily on volunteers to look after the animals. This type of city farm is usually free to enter and they  will often fund the farm by running a cafe, selling animal food or offering riding lessons. We had a great coffee and brownies at Surrey Docks Farm on the south bank of the Thames! We have visited several London city farms. Each one has a totally different ‘personality’ to each other.

mudchute city farm

Mudchute City Farm near Canary Wharf

We have enjoyed visiting:

Vauxhall City Farm – Vauxhall

Deen City Farm and Riding School -Merton

Coram Fields– Bloomsbury

Surrey Docks Farm – Surrey Quays

Mudchute Park and Farm – Isle of Dogs

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