Child proofing the house – Doorstops

sky hotelWhat do you do when your 2 ½ year old runs into a hotel bedroom with a defective door handle and can’t get out?

Simple –

Pass an iphone to play with and some food under the door while you wait for the hotel manager to climb through the window to unjam the door!


At home our doors have locks so when the munchkins are in the house we lock them open so the children cannot get trapped.

safety door stopIf you don’t have locks then a very simple alternative is to use special door slam stoppers.

They simply slide on to the side or top of the door preventing the door closing. Some designs have a second slit so that when the stopper is not in use you can hang it from the door handle.

They come in a wide variety of materials, shapes and colours but the principle is the same.

safety door stop 2

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