Child Proofing The House – Cupboards

safetycatchWe always had to remind Grandpa Ernie to be careful about leaving pills where our children could get to them. He was a hypochondriac with a huge collection of medicines but as he made it to 92 with all his faculties intact it seemed to work for him!!

Now as a grandmother myself I find that we have to remind ourselves to put things safely out of reach when the grandchildren arrive.

We still have some of our original baby safety catches in place in the kitchen and they have worked well over the years. There are more sophisticated styles available but these have served us well. The major disadvantage is that you have to screw one part onto the cupboard/drawer door and the other onto the surrounding cupboard, which can be difficult.

cupboard lock 1

A good alternative is a cabinet lock which fits in seconds without the need for drilling or screwing or in any way damaging the cupboards

A hook at either end slips over the cupboard handles and a sliding ratchet mechanism  tightens the two hooks together. There is a knack to releasing it and so far the little ones have not managed to discover how to use it – unlike the stair gate that 4 year old Daisy opens to let her little sister through!

Locks should remain locked to be effective however inconvenient.

There are several suppliers of this type of lock. The one we use comes from Mothercare. John Lewis sells a similar product and some shops stock the BabyDan safety products

safetycatch 4 safetycatch 3

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