Bosworth- King Richard III’s final battle

Which king would you vote for – Richard III or Henry VII?

Our view of the 2 kings are often influenced by Shakespeare’s play. Was Richard III really a hunchback villain who murdered his nephews. Did he really say” A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!”

A visit to The Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and Country Park will give you a chance to make up your mind as you learn about the final battle between the ‘White Rose’ of the Yorks led by Richard III  and ‘The Red Rose’ of The Lancastrians led by Henry Tudor/Henry VII.

You can wander freely around Country Park following The Battlefield Trail, or pay an entrance fee to explore the excellent indoor Bosworth Heritage Centre.

There are often special events taking place for which there may be an extra charge. While Papa Joe and I were visiting re-enactors had set up camp to show what life was like as soldiers prepared for battle.

Bosworth heritage centre re enactors

Conflict 1485 – chat to the re-enactors as they prepare for battle against Henry Tudor

Suitable for 4+

Where: entrance on Ambion Lane, near Sutton Cheney, Nuneaton, CV13 0AD
Admission: Fixed fee for all day parking
Heritage Centre – under 3 Free. Discount for online bookings Family tickets and concessions
Country Park and BattlefieldTrail Free
Extra charge for special events, guided walks and falconry centre
Website: www.bosworthbattlefield.com

The Heritage Centre:-
The centre retells the story of the final battle of The Wars of the Roses which took place at Bosworth in 1485 in a way that gets everyone of all ages totally involved. There are interactive displays, challenges to try and a worksheet/ treasure hunt for younger Mayhems.

Bosworth heritage centre communication

How do you send messages to tell your troops to attack? Do you use Pigeons, Morse Code, Messengers on horses or Mobile Phones?

Papa Joe spent time experimenting with the metal detector exhibit and looking at the archaeological finds which showed historians where the battle took place.

Bosworth heritage centre metal detector

I had great fun trying on the armour and seeing how far I could shoot a long bow.

Bosworth heritage centre armour2

How could anyone fight with this weight of armour?

Well produced videos follow the lives of the people of the time and discuss the choices that they had to make. A key military commander William Stanley ‘explained’ how he was torn by loyalty to his king or loyalty to his family.

As you leave the exhibition you have a chance to vote for either Richard III or Henry VII. My choice is Richard III.

Country Park Battlefield Trail:-
After lunch in The Tithe Barn we followed the free 1.25 mile trail around the battlefield.  Don’t forget to pick up an ‘I Spy’ sheet from the shop or ticket office for The Mayhems. There is a prize when they (or you!) complete it.

As we walked we stopped at information posts along the route.

Bosworth country park trail 1

Several of the posts have an audio guide.

Bosworth country park trail 2

keep turning the handle fast to power the voice.

Half way round the trail we came to Shenton Station which is part of The Battlefield Line, a heritage railway, and is also home to Station Glass.

Bosworth Shenton Station

Shenton Station

It was a most welcome stop on the route as the cafe was open and after our refreshments we were able to watch a glass bird being created.

Bosworth Shenton Station Glass Blowing

Bosworth Shenton Station Glass Bird

The finished bird

Hawkwise Falconry Centre:- As we completed our circuit of the Battlefield Tour we were lucky to see a different type of bird – a barn owl – being carried through the courtyard. The falconry centre based at Bosworth runs displays and bird handling sessions – for more details see Whats On at the Battlefield  Heritage Centre.

BosworthHawkwise barn owl

Getting There Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, entrance on Ambion Lane, near Sutton Cheney, Nuneaton, CV13 0AD
Fixed fee for all day parking – nearest public transport 3 miles away at Market Boswoth or via The Battlefield Heritage Line which has a limited timetable
Google see map or get directions

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