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Our friends took their granddaughter Eliana to The Birds of Prey Centre and had such a good time there that we will also take our munchkins there.

The centre looks after more than 200 birds of prey. You can see a wide variety of different types of owls, hawks, eagles, falcons, hawks, kites. The centre also has vultures which we hadn’t realised were also birds of prey. They have just moved from their original home in Shuttleworth and are now fully open.

During your visit, you can watch birds being flown by the falconers. There are three displays which last for for about 30 minutes and are included in your entrance fee.

Each display is different and after the 11.30 am and 1.30 pm flying displays you are able to handle the owls. There is a third display at 3 pm.

Birds of prey centre 1

Frankie and Eliana both strapped on the special glove and held an owl.

 Birds of prey centre 2

At 2 pm you may even have the opportunity to fly a hawk or owl.

The centre also sells a variety of different experiences where you can handle a variety of birds, as well as courses such as photography workshops.

Suitable for all age groups although some of the special experience activities have a lower age limit.

Where: Herrings Green Farm, Cotton End Road Wilstead, Beds MK45 3DT. 
Admission: Under 3 free. Senior Discount  – Entry fee – includes flying displays and the opportunity to handle an owls
Facilities: tea room, gift shop, picnic area , free parking
Website: www.birdsofpreycentre.co.uk

Getting There Herrings Green Farm
  Herrings Green Farm, Cotton End Road Wilstead, Beds MK45 3DT.  
Google see map or get directions

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