Best London Bus Journeys

My mother was a great explorer and when I was a little girl she used to buy a bus Red Rover ticket. We would go to The Green Man Roundabout at Leytonstone and ride on the top of a bus into Central London.

Papa Joe and I plus The Mayhems also love travelling on the top deck of a bus. The Mayhems love taking photos as we go along.

We recently had a long debate with a friend about the best bus routes in Central London which pass all London’s great attractions. I love route 11, while Papa Joe likes route 15 and our friend likes route 9.

london bus

Transport for London make the choice easy by providing a special bus map – ‘Key routes in Central London’ which you can download. The map is uncluttered so makes it easy to see where key places of interest are. The colour coding makes each route easy to follow.

key london bus routes

The map is also included with tube and river boat maps within Transport for London’s London Visitor Guide

My favourite route – 11  goes past Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral. For art lovers it is a good way to get to The Tate and for Chelsea fans to Stamford Bridge.

Papa Joe’s favourite route -15 starts at Trafalgar Square and goes past St Paul’s Cathedral and The Tower of London.

Our friend’s favourite route – 9 starts at Aldwych, and goes past Trafalgar Square, St James’s Palace, Knightsbridge, The Royal Albert Hall on to Hammersmith.


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