Belmont Children’s Farm – Mill Hill

When do you realise that eggs hatch into chicks, which grow into birds? I am not sure that 2 year old Abbie knew but she loved the little chicks in the incubator and it was hard to tear her away from watching them.

belmont childrens farm chicksa

Belmont Children’s Farm has lots of chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese to see, as well as larger animals such as sheep, goats and pigs.

The cages and enclosures are designed for small children to view.  The farmyard is laid out so it is easy for toddlers to walk around with a degree of freedom.

Best for toddlers -9/10 year olds    allow 1-2 hours

Where: The Ridgeway (next to Sheepwash Pond), Mill Hill, London,  NW7 1QT
Admission: Charge – family ticket and membership deals.  Tractor ride and gold panning extra
Facilities: Car Park, Waffle Cafe, Plentiful hand washing stations,  Petting Sessions and Lamb Feeding
Website: www.belmontfarm.co.uk

belmont childrens farm aThe children’s farm is part of the 380 acre Belmont estate. It is a working farm, as well as having the special area for children to visit.

A trip on their tractor ride (extra charge) will let you see more of the farm.

It comes as a surprise that there is such a large farm situated in a North London suburb.

As we wandered around, we saw rabbits, chinchillas, budgies and finches.

There are more exotic animals including alpacas, storks, wallabies and snowy owls.  .

belmont childrens stork

The storks were very noisy, making sounds by clattering their bills together


While we were watching the snowy owls started flying and moving around their enclosure. Unlike other types of owls they are awake during the day.

belmont childrens pettingThere are petting sessions held several times throughout the day. Abbie was a bit unsure at first but was soon enjoying stroking the rabbit.

The farm’s rabbits make good pets because they are used to being touched. Some of the rabbits are on sale and you can also buy chickens, finches and budgies.

After the petting session, we washed our hands at one of the plentiful hand washing stations and went to see the animals in the larger enclosures.

We loved the Billy Goats, and  the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff is displayed by the pens.

belmont childrens billy goat

  belmont childrens indoors belmont childrens goat









After we had seen all the animals and even tried the large jigsaw of a pig, we had lunch in the Waffle Cafe. If you want to bring a picnic, there are outdoor tables you can use.

belmont childrens waffle cafe belmont childrens jigsaw









We had a lovely morning and am sure we will be back.

Getting There Belmont Children’s Farm The Ridgeway (next to Sheepwash Pond), Mill Hill,London, NW7 1QT 
Google see map or get directions

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