Bank Of England Museum – Bringing Money To Life

Suitable for 4+, allow 1-2 hours
bank of england inflamation balloonWhat is the link between hot air and the The Bank of England?

When you enter the elegant reconstruction of the 18th Century banking hall, your eye is immediately taken by the model of a hot air balloon. As you try to control its ups and downs you are in fact simulating the way The Bank Of England has to keep control of  inflation.

It is just one of several fun interactive activities to help you understand inflation. The activities are targeted to appeal to different age groups, so there is something for everyone to do.

During the school holidays, there are a mixture of trails and craft activities on offer.

Some activities during the year are linked to ‘The Wind In The Willows’. The author, Kenneth Grahame, worked here for 30 years and became The Bank of England’s Secretary.

You can see the diary of events and download activity sheets here.

Suitable for 4+, allow 1-2 hours

Where: Bank of England Museum, Bartholomew Lane, London, EC2R 8AH 
Admission: Free (closed weekends)
Facilities: children’s holiday activities, free activity trail, shop
Website: Bank Of England Museum

We tried several of the interactive activities.  You can try to complete a giant jigsaw of a £50 note or use a microscope to find out how to check the security marks on a bank note.

bank of england gold barOne of the most popular things to try is lifting a real gold bar.  As it weighs 13 Kg, it is very hard to lift but we tried.  Unfortunately it is well protected in a special case so we were unable to take it away with us!!!.

The day when we were at the museum a kilogram of gold was worth £28,968.38 so the 13Kg bar was worth £376,589 !

We could not take the gold home as a souvenir, but we were able to get a souvenir ‘gold’ bar badge instead by cracking the code for the special safe in the Rotunda.

bank of england badge 1

Answer three questions correctly to obtain the code to work the combination lock.  If you manage it you then get an IOU that you can exchange for the badge.

bank of england badge 2

Children can also get a ‘Pound in Your Pocket ‘ badge when they try an activity trail.





Getting There Bank of England Museum,Bartholomew Lane, London, EC2R 8AH 
 Closed weekends 
Google see map or get directions

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