Babysitting useful to know


It is the silly things that catch us out. Do you know the name of The Mayhem’s doctor or where the fuse box/ circuit breakers are when all the lights go out when you are babysitting? Here are some useful things you might need to know

  • Remote Babysitting or Things To Know In A Strange House!
    I look forward to the day when our granddaughter Abbie can show me how to work the remote controls.  Recently I watched 3 hours of BBC News 24 while babysitting as I could not work the integrated remote control Even worse the Mayhems were demanding […]
  • Emergency Checklist
    Daisy is unwell, no nursery today.  Not a big problem Except!!!! We did not know the number of the nursery, school pickup or doctor – both parents were abroad and in different times zones! Luckily we got the information we needed but we now […]
  • The Baby and Child First Aid App – free from The Red Cross
    Do you know what to do in an emergency if someone is injured? Do you have your grandchildren’s medical information handy when you take them out? The new app from the British Red Cross:- is designed for […]
  • Feeding the Kids – Annabel Karmel Recipes
    It was so simple when my kids were little – fish fingers, instant whip, chocolate mousse – although a fish finger picnic is still a winner with the granddaughters! However, there has been a quiet revolution in food for babies and […]