Aquarium Mare Nostrum – Montpellier, France

The waves crashed over the ship, the deck rocked with the force of the gale. 

But fear not!  

All The Mayhems had things under control and steered us to safety!

The cool ‘Cers’ wind was blowing across Southern France so instead of the beach we took The Mayhems to The Mare Nostrum Aquarium in Montpellier. 

montpellier mare nostrum 1

Steering the cargo ship to safety through a storm

Suitable for toddlers to adults

Where: Centre commercial Odysseum, Allée Ulysse, Montpellier, France
Admission: UNDER 5 free
Website: www.aquariummarenostrum.fr/en

The aquarium is made up of cleverly themed areas based on different oceans around the world as well as simulations of a cargo ship bridge in a storm and a submarine.

montpellier mare nostrum 3

Where in the world should we go?

There are over 400 species of fish displayed in both large and small fish tanks. The largest tank has a section with seating where there are regular talks in French.

montpellier mare nostrum 5

Our tip – visit other areas while the crowds are at the talk

While the talks are taking place we had the rest of the aquarium virtually to ourselves.

montpellier mare nostrum 4

The Mayhems loved the huge tanks with sharks and rays,the penguins and the touch tanks.

montpellier mare nostrum penguin

Who is more fascinated with whom, the penguin or the mayhems?

Sam’s favorite film was ‘Finding Nemo’ so he was fascinated by the fish in Southern Seas Coral Reef. 


montpellier mare nostrum 2

Which one is Nemo?

The final section of The Mare Nostrum Aquarium is a tropical rainforest complete with piranhas and iguanas,

montpellier mare nostrum 6

However the best part for The Mayhems was the giant slide!

After our visit we then went to ‘Pirates Paradise’ a themed pirate restaurant with a soft play area, a few minutes walk from the aquarium. website

montpellier Pirates Paradise

Getting There Centre commercial Odysseum, Allée Ulysse, 34000 Montpellier, France
GPS details Latitude N43.60274° – Longitude E3.91664° – Carrefour de Londres.
Google see map or get directions

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