A Spoonful Of Medicine ??

Why has my daughter got a syringe sitting on the shelf in her house – panic thoughts went through my mind!

However it was nothing to worry about, and I have become a convert to using syringes with young children.

medicine syringe 2


It is a great way to get an exact amount of medicine into a toddler. Gone are the days when a vigorously shaking head would spill half the medicine on the spoon onto the floor. I have now added a couple of these syringes to our standard medical kit.

In fact – if you buy a bottle of children’s medicine now, you will find it comes with a syringe and special plastic stopper through which  the syringe is inserted.

medicine syringe 1Shake the bottle, insert the syringe, hold the bottle upside down, pull the plunger to fill the syringe with the correct amount of medicine.

You can also buy 5ml and 2.5ml syringes from a chemist for use when you have been prescribed a medicine which comes in a normal bottle.

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