A new grandchild on the way – what do I need to buy?

new babyThe list of essential shopping for any new parent seems to be endless nowadays. Every retailer, baby website and antenatal class will leave their heads reeling (and their pockets lighter) as they navigate the myriad of choices.

Here’s our list of the top pieces of kit for new grandparents.
Highchair and Feeding equipment

Our key criteria are ease of use, affordability, durability and ease of packing away – so that your house need not look like a full time crèche.  Think about how often your grandchild will be with you.  If you are regularly having them to stay you might need more sturdy equipment than if they just see you occasionally.

You may be able to borrow some items or use equipment you have stored in the loft, however please make sure that old equipment is safe to use.

If you do borrow or buy second hand items you can often get full instructions on how to use the item on the internet.

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