4 ways to use the baby bath

baby bath

Our grandchildren are rapidly growing up but the baby bath is not going on ebay.

Old baby baths can be very useful to keep the Mayhems amused.

Fill it with water, sand, or soil.  Turn it upside down to double as a child’s table, just right for all the teddy bears to have a picnic.  You can even use a baby bath as a mini pond if you sink it into the soil.

In the summer I put the bath in the garden, fill it with water and bring the bath toys down.  The children love filling a toy watering can and watering the flowers.  We have even had it used as an impromptu paddling pool – have a change of clothes nearby!

If you do use a baby bath for water play activities never leave a filled baby bath unsupervised.  Babies and toddlers can drown in very shallow water

Buy play sand and use the bath as a sand pit.  Always use special play sand which has been treated so it is non toxic, non staining and non abrasive.  Garden centres and large toy shops will stock play sand.  You can also order on line.  Always cover the sand pit when it is not in use to keep dogs, cats and garden debris out.

Make a small children’s garden and you can grow herbs such as chives which the children love to smell and cook with.  Treat the baby bath as if you were using a patio planter.  You may want to drill some drainage holes.  Line the bottom of the bath with stones to improve drainage.  Fill the container three-fourths full of soil.
Buy some child size garden tools and a packet of seeds and some herbs and let you grandchildren plant their own mini garden. 

Make a mini pond by digging a hole and sinking the baby bath into the soil.  It is too shallow for fish but you can plant aquatic plants and watch the birds and insects visit.  Use a wire mesh over the top to keep your children safe. Remember Babies and toddlers can drown in very shallow water.

If you have any other ways to use an old baby bath let us know.

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