On the river at Christchurch – Dorset

It is just like ‘Swallows and Amazon’ the grandma next to me exclaimed and I thought how right she was. Now Swallows and Amazons is a classic childrens book but Papa Joe spent his boyhood reading ‘Biggles’.  Of course, The Mayhems think Peppa Pig is a classic so I will have to explain the story to all of them.

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Aquarium Mare Nostrum – Montpellier, France

The waves crashed over the ship, the deck rocked with the force of the gale. 

But fear not!  

All The Mayhems had things under control and steered us to safety!

The cool ‘Cers’ wind was blowing across Southern France so instead of the beach we took The Mayhems to The Mare Nostrum Aquarium in Montpellier. 

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Quiz Walk : Whitehall and Westminster

Politicians and Power, Priests, Princes and possibly Pelicans.

Explore the ‘corridors of power’ – the government buildings that line Whitehall. See Westminster Abbey where Princes were crowned and Banqueting House where a King lost his head.  Watch the Pelicans in St James’s Park.
The walk is circular and about 2 miles long.

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Best London Bus Journeys

My mother was a great explorer and when I was a little girl she used to buy a bus Red Rover ticket. We would go to The Green Man Roundabout at Leytonstone and ride on the top of a bus into Central London.

Papa Joe and I plus The Mayhems also love travelling on the top deck of a bus.

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Quiz Walk : Mayfair and Green Park

Explore elegant Mayfair’s beautiful Georgian buildings, Victorian arcades and fascinating streets. Wander through Green Park, enjoy the fountains and see the statues and memorials at Hyde Park Corner. If you are near Hyde Park Corner at 11.45 you should see The Household Cavalry on their way home.

The walk is circular and about 2 miles long.

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